Is Hermès’ high-end jewellery exhibition just showing jewelry

Is Hermès’ high-end jewellery exhibition just showing jewelry? Following the first exhibition in Paris in 2017, in February of this year, the fourth chapter of the Hermes Senior Jewelry Collection came to Shanghai’s “Hermes Home”. The theme of the exhibition is “Timeless and Unbounded”. According to the brand, the series presented is designed to show the eternal beauty of time and the reverence and exploration of the universe, life and nature. Take the “Paradise Carriage”, the series is centered on a large pink opal, and the metal-studded twigs extend outwards in a radial structure, trying to restore the image of the sun, symbolizing the sun everywhere, radiant Eternal time Fake Van cleef necklace Jewelry. A total of 12 sets of high-end jewellery were launched this time: HB-IV Continuum. It is no accident to choose the number 12, 12 means half of the 24 hours, symbolizing the timelessness of Hermes Replica Van cleef necklace, and reincarnation. At the same time, it expresses the high quality pursuit of the brand, and the time is neither static nor reappearing. This number conveys eternity and also conveys the spirit of the brand: that Hermes is not limited to a certain moment, a certain trend, a certain market, she will always be free to express the meaning of the brand. Although the design itself has a feminine color, it does not look gorgeous and unattainable. However, the meaning of the ‘Time Unbounded’ series is beyond the jewels, and this has nothing to do with the designer’s background.