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The protagonist of this story is temporarily called Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan Guan Xiang wants to see her career. After the scent of the ancestors, the 10,000 words were omitted in the middle. At the end of the incense, the incense took the initiative to show the magnetic field of Xiaojia’s home. It was found that the magnetic field in the northwest of Xiaojiao was not so good Fake Van cleef necklace Jewelry, and the fragrance showed that Xiaoyan was not suitable for gold and silver jewelry. Xiao Yan said that she currently has a pair of silver bracelets on her left hand, which is given by her mother. Now her bedroom at home is in the northwest. Xiao Yan said that her mother died in this bedroom Replica Van cleef necklace. It has been ten years. I don’t know if my mother has been good. At this time, the fragrance changed. I saw a silver bracelet attached to Xiao Yan’s silver bracelet. The spirit’s eyes were bright and sparkling. I asked Xiao Xiao if your mother’s eyes were brighter and look good. Xiao Yan said, yes, the mother’s small eyes are bright. I know,

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I told Xiaoyan, your mother still doesn’t trust you. This silver bracelet is the token that your mother gave you. With the magnetic fields of both of you, your mother sometimes attaches to the silver bracelet to see you. Xiao Yan said that she rarely does dreams about her mother. I told Xiao Xiao that it is necessary to consume energy when it comes to dreams. On the fragrant point of view, Xiao Yan’s mother is now weaker in energy. Since she has been worried about her for ten years, she is always attached to the bracelet and is affected by the yang of Xiaoyan. And Xiao Yan has been carrying this pair of silver bracelets, influenced by her mother’s yin, and her body is also weak. Xiao Yan said, yes, her body is sick and sick, and she once suspected that her previous life is a bad person, which led to the current weaker body. I told Xiaoyan, after I got down, I put the silver bracelet away. Don’t bring it. I usually have nothing to look at. I can talk to the silver bracelet. There is your mother’s magnetic field. She can tell, tell her, you are here. After watching the incense, after the marriage career is OK, let her rest assured, don’t come up often, yin and yang are separated, so that your own magnetic field is not good. Afterwards, I told Xiao Xiao some ways to adjust my own magnetic field… I remember seeing such a sentence before, a girl asked a boy, what is idiot? The boy replied that idiots are all things that are attached to this world. They can’t open all the feelings, heaven, earth, people, and things… How many idiots in the world, including themselves… Hey, hope Xiaoxiao Mother can let go soon…