Vincent van Gogh, change a match show advanced

Don’t know if everyone remembers that last year and Van Cleef & Arpels has a very special series of high-grade jewellery, which used to be designed as an image of an animal or a ballerina, and that time it was a necklace or ring with a different color round bead piece (Gao Dingzhu).

And at that time out of two colors, green and black collocation (green jade Pith and onyx) and red and white collocation (Pearl mother and Red Jade pith), depending on the connection between beads let us see the future there should be more combinations of possible.

Sure enough, Bouton D or new this year, this time with the rose gold and white K gold combination, a push 5 works, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and pendant necklace, two materials interwoven a more pleasant color changes. Inspired by the Paillette Gao Dingzhu, which was launched in 1939 by the Vatican, this series combines traditional aesthetics with modern fashion. In the 1940 era, the family was creative to embody the precious yellow K jinzhu piece craft, create the round ring or gorgeous double necklace, or surrounded into jewelry bouquet.

And of course there are beads inlaid with a variety of coloured gems dotted around the skirts of a ballerina brooch to increase the icing on the chest. This aesthetics lasted in the 1950 ‘s. At that time fashionable fashion wind more graceful, and yellow k jinzhu piece design jewelry collocation is very harmonious.

So last year, when the Bouton D or this new series appeared, it still surprised a lot of people, because the overall style looks not typical of the Vatican, but it turns out to be very popular in the market. I remember there was a small story, whether the choice of green black combination or red and white combination, the problem in France headquarters is a heated discussion. Rai Shin, the managing director of the Chinese Vatican, was at the meeting, and she tended to be red and white, because the red line has a best-selling base in China, such as the four-leaf Lucky series, which is especially good for the red jade pith material.

The final headquarters let each market leader vote, the result is evenly matched, so decided that two color collocation at the same time, this is also rare in the history of the Vatican, the Asian market, especially the Chinese market, the right to speak more and more big. This October, the Bouton D or series will be the first to usher in a watch work, the entire series of the integrity of the further.